Alessandro Pungetti and Paul Harvey founded Ten c after fulfilling their former design positions at C.P. Company and Stone Island. The outerwear specialists named the brand after the Danish fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes” by famed writer Hans Christian Andersen. The brand embodies the message behind the folklore to look beyond what is told and towards true value in reference to fleeting fashion trends and the true value in creating quality garments. The brand is exclusively made in Italy but captures influences from Japan represented in their Imperial Seal Chrysanthemum logo and the use of fabrics developed with Japanese specialists. Ten c focuses on creating forever-lasting pieces through quality craftsmanship and timeless designs. Each piece is crafted and conceived meticulously with the aim of being a part of life as it ages and moulds accordingly to the wearer. To ensure that the garments can be versatilely integrated into all aspects of life, every piece in the collection is designed with modular intent and can be customized with additional liners and hood. 

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Ten C Navy Parka Nero/Black Ten C Navy Parka Nero/Black

Ten c

Navy Parka Nero/Black

$1,470.00 $735.00 CAD

Days old: 323 Sale
Ten c Car Coat Black Ten c Car Coat Black

Ten c

Car Coat Black

$1,305.00 $653.00 CAD

Days old: 677 Sale
Ten C Shearling Hood Ten C Shearling Hood

Ten c

Shearling Hood Off White

$625.00 $375.00 CAD

Days old: 718 Sale
Field Jacket Nero/Black Field Jacket Nero/Black

Ten c

Field Jacket Nero/Black

$1,470.00 $735.00 CAD