Lexdray is a new luggage brand designed with the modern life in mind. Founded on the four core principles of Function, Style, Quality and Inovation. Function – each element of a Lexdray bag has been created with a distinct need and functionality in mind, each detail being calculated in a way to enhance the performance of every product.  Style – Lexdray bags are modern but classic. Technical details combined with timeless shapes and looks. Quality – All Lexdray luggage is created using the best manufacturing techniques, utilizing superior quality materials, hardware and fabrication. Innovation – Each design is created to be versatile, ergonomic and functional with innovated twists that are completely unique to Lexdray.

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LEXDRAY Tahoe Duffle LEXDRAY Tahoe Duffle


Tahoe Duffle

$560.00 CAD

Days old: 448
LEXDRAY Shanghai Tote Navy Trim LEXDRAY Shanghai Tote Navy Trim


Shanghai Tote

$270.00 CAD

Days old: 448
LEXDRAY Manhattan Messenger LEXDRAY Manhattan Messenger


Manhattan Messenger

$365.00 CAD

Days old: 448 Sold Out
LEXDRAY Beijing Duffle LEXDRAY Beijing Duffle


Beijing Duffel

$405.00 CAD